Can you hear the screeching eagles of freedom?

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Merch Mondays

You are what you wear!😎💚😎💚😎💚😎And you wear PurLife well!T-Shirt Tuesday is OUT and Merch Monday is in full swing starting TODAY – 6/26! 🧢👚👕🧦👖🧤🩲Every Monday you can get 10% off your order if you come in rocking your favorite PurLife merch. The catwalk doesn’t end there. Get 10% off all merch and/or a free shirt with any $100+ order! 😻🙌🏽😻🙌🏽😻🙌🏽😻No … Read More

As they say, it’s best to keep your options open!

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We consulted a psychic, and your future is looking bright! 

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☀️😎It’s summertime and the living’s easy! 😎☀️

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🎉 Happy Memorial Day Weekend! 🎉🇺🇸

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Spring into Savings with PurLife this weekend!

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Munchies Fest 2023

Get ready for Albuquerque’s Munchies Festival on May 13th! 🎉👀🎉👀🎉👀🎉 PurLife is a proud sponsor of this joint that you won’t want to leaf!  Join us for a day of fun and good vibes; featuring dispensaries, vendors, artists, live music, all the hottest food trucks! This is your chance to discover new products, meet other cannabis enthusiasts, and enjoy all that the NM cannabis industry has to offer – … Read More

Don’t know what to get Mom? Just remember, Mom loves flower!

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Cinco de Mayo? More like Cinco de Higho!

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