Munchies Fest 2023

Get ready for Albuquerque’s Munchies Festival on May 13th

PurLife is a proud sponsor of this joint that you won’t want to leaf

Join us for a day of fun and good vibes; featuring dispensaries, vendors, artists, live music, all the hottest food trucks! This is your chance to discover new products, meet other cannabis enthusiasts, and enjoy all that the NM cannabis industry has to offer – which is a LOT.

Arriving with the munchies not required, but recommended for the ultimate elevated experience.

Be our bud, and blaze a trail to our PurLife booth at the festival to grab a coupon for a ONE-CENT Reefer Gladness Lemonade!

Join the NM cannabis community and don’t miss this dank event from 12pm-6pm!

See you May 13th at 12pm-6pm!

BIG KAHUNA TOP COLAS. The definition of sky high.

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So big, you can see them from space.
(Not really, but they’re big!)

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Sativa or indica? The choice is a real high-stakes decision. 😳🫣

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Meet Riv, your bud-tender, and his high-quality picks for a weed-tastic weekend! πŸŒΏπŸ’¨

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Happy Mother’s Day! We want to give some extra love to all the mommas of PurLife πŸ’š here’s a reel with just a few, but we hope each and every one of you have a great day, made just for you!

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Which one are you? πŸ’€

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