At PurLife, we believe in the life-changing effects of medical marijuana. From its calming and relieving properties to its medical and health benefits, we believe that by supplying quality cannabis, we can inspire and advocate for healthier, wholesome living.

Every day, each one of our staff members works to make medical marijana and its benefits readily available across New Mexico. Experienced growers tend to plants, while knowledgeable budtenders make recommendations, all to provide patients in Albuquerque, Farmington, Las Cruces and beyond with the powerful properties of cannabis.

In each of our products is a unique balance of quality, innovation, and experience. Our Grow Team has pioneered new ways of producing cannabis that result in the highest levels of quality, and a safe, predictable product. Innovation is at the core of everything we do so that we remain consistent with industry changes and can continue to provide the latest products and services. Lastly, we’re an experienced cannabis producer, with the ongoing commitment to guide customers towards relief, wellness, and well-being

Our mission is to improve the health of our patients, and through education, quality CBD and THC products, and expert staff, we’re able to do just that! We invite you to visit us today and discover all that we have to offer, because here at PurLife, what we do is more than just a job, it’s our passion and purpose.

PurLife supports and adheres to all New Mexico State and Department of Health laws and regulations.


PurLife is dedicated to making the benefits of medical marijuna readily available to those who need it, and have seven locations throughout New Mexico! Three are located in Albuquerque, off of Menaul, Montgomery, and Tramway, one in Farmington, one in Las Cruces, one in Truth or Consequences, and one in Alamogordo. For addresses and contact information, visit our Locations Page.


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#Sundaedriver is an evenly balanced #hybrid #strain created through crossing #fruitypebbles and #grapepie. The high is relaxing and will fill your mind with a sense of euphoria pushing out negative thoughts and stress. Muscle tension and body aches will melt away, leaving you feeling relaxed. These effects make Sundae Driver a great choice for patients dealing with chronic stress, anxiety, PTSD, depression, and chronic pain.

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We are PurLife, New Mexico's #1 Dispensary

With a dozen locations across the state and growing, we strive to have the best products and customer service in New Mexico and beyond. 🇺🇸

Our journey here has been made possible by you, our loyal customers and supporters of the #cannabiscommunity and #cannabisculture - We look forward to continuing our journey with you and will always strive to produce and provide the best products on the market, because our commitment is to you, our community. ⚡️💚⚡️️️

Thank you New Mexico and remember #weedloveseveryone

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#Glassworks offers old school #cannabis flavor with a reviving citrus orange aroma leaving you with nice #cerebral and #bodyeffects. An heir of the #kush lineage which offers a spectacle of crystalline #trichomes. #purlifenm #cannabis #bud #hybrid #herboftheday #weedloveseveryone ...

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Banana Cake is an #indica dominant #flower with very mellowing effects, leaving you feeling calm & relaxed. Once you #inhale, your taste #buds will be met with a delicious combination of sweet & citrus, making this flower taste like an actual #bananacake! 🍌🍰

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If you enjoy a sweet tasting #flower 🍰 that has a soothing body and clear head effects then Banana Split 🍌 is exactly what you're looking for! The aroma and flavor is a combination of citrus and pine. Try this flower in the evening to help wind down from a long day of work.

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#bluedream is crossed between the flavorful #blueberry and very popular #haze #strains 🔥 this #sativadominant #hybrid provides consumers with a light body relaxation and happy euphoric effects that get your creative juices flowing!

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