Our New State-of-the-Art Concentrates Lab is Now Open!

Our mission has always been to provide you with the finest cannabis products, and our new concentrates facility enables us to take our commitment to quality to a whole new level! Our new cutting-edge lab is equipped with the latest technology, and is manned by some of the country’s most talented and experienced concentrates experts who share our dedication to excellence – we are very lucky to have them here in New Mexico! We understand that you deserve only the best, which is why we have taken our time and spared no expense in perfecting our extraction and refinement processes.

Whether you’re seeking a smooth and terpene-rich vape or potent and flavorful concentrate, our new lab has you covered. From our most premium Live Resin Products to our meticulously crafted cured products such as: shatter, badder, sugar, crumble, diamonds and more… every product starts with the finest hand-selected PurLife flower which is then carefully transformed to ensure unparalleled purity, flavor, and jar appeal. Each batch undergoes rigorous testing to meet our stringent PurLife quality standards, providing you with peace of mind and an exceptional experience every time.

Trust us, this is the stuff you’ve been dreaming about!


LIVE RESIN (L): Extracted from cannabis flower that was frozen fresh at the time of harvest and sourced from high grade PurLife cannabis plants. Retains high terpene concentration for enhanced aroma and flavor, while still packing a punch due to the high THCa content. Delivers a truly full spectrum experience. Consumers can expect unapparelled flavor, and flavors which are authentic to how an actual living plant of the same strain would smell and taste.

  • SKUs include: Live Sugar, Live Badder, Live Diamonds & Sauce, and Live Resin Carts

CURED RESIN(C): Made from dried and cured PurLife cannabis plants. Offering a similar flavor and aroma to PurLife flower, but in a more concentrated form. Cured concentrates tend to have less terpenes than live resin concentrates, but often are more potent and can be found at lesser prices than live resin.

“Dabs” or concentrates are made by extracting cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds from cannabis flower, resulting in highly potent products. Concentrates go by many names, like shatter, badder, sugar wax, crumble, diamonds and sauce. The different types are categorized based on consistency and extraction method.  Dabs are vaporized using a “Dab Rig”, “E-Rig”, or concentrate pen (available at all PurLife dispensaries). To use: Heat the nail, banger, or element, let it cool, apply a small dab of concentrate to the heated surface, cap it, and inhale. Start slowly as dabbing packs a potent punch!


VAPE CARTS (V): Convenient, portable cartridges filled with high-quality Distillate or Live Resin for use with your own battery.

Live Resin Vape Carts: Flavorful extract made from high-grade PurLife plants that are frozen fresh at harvest, preserving all terpenes and providing a full-spectrum cannabis experience. This product features all the plant’s natural cannabinoids and terpenes combined with the convenience of a vape (L) (V)

  • Note: Live Resin Carts often contain a ratio of both THCa and THC in order to preserve maximum flavor. For this reason, it is best to consider the Total THC content as an indicator of the potency since the total THC content accounts for both the THCa and THC in the product. 

Distillate Vape Carts: THC distillate blended with botanical terpenes for enhanced flavor and effects, loaded into a vape cart for your convenience. We triple distill our THC distillate to provide maximum potency and unadulterated flavor in our vape carts. Whether you like fruity strains, dank strains, gassy strains, or funky strains, we have a distillate cart for you! (C) (V)

SHATTER: A highly potent concentrate with a glass-like texture, boasting powerful THC content. (C)
Note: to preserve the glass-like consistency of shatter it is critical to keep it at or below 70F degrees. If it gets warmer than 70F it will take on a more “snap and pull” type consistency and may even nucleate (turn to sugar).

BADDER: Velvety-textured extract resembling cake batter, providing a smooth and highly flavorful experience. (L) (C)

SUGAR: Crystallized concentrate with high cannabinoid and terpene concentration, offering the best of both worlds with both potency and flavor. (L) (C)

CRUMBLE: A crumbly and brittle concentrate, high in cannabinoids with a moderate terpene content, delivering potency and flavor. This product is often utilized for infusing flower since it can easily be handled and used to top off flower in a joint, blunt, or bowl. (C)

DIAMONDS: THC crystals formed through crystallization, visually stunning and potent when dabbed. This product is the purest form of THCa that exists, often clocking in with a potency of anywhere from 95-100% THCa. (L)

DIAMONDS AND SAUCE: THCa crystals combined with terpene sauce. A true connoisseur product offering high potency, rich flavors, and an unbeatable jar appeal. (L)

RSO (Rick Simpson Oil): Highly concentrated and decarboxylated (activated) cannabis oil containing cannabinoids, terpenes, and other compounds, commonly used for medical purposes. This product can be used for infusing food items with THC or directly ingested as a powerful oral medication. (L) (C)