🚨 PurLife weekly update. PurLife vapes are back in stock!

PurLife cartridges are back and available at every Albuquerque PurLife location. Currently there are three flavors available: Mango, Do-Si-Do’s and Cucumber. Cultivated by PurLife and Manufactured by Botantical Laboratoreis, these incredible concentrates contain 500mg (1/2 gram) of distillate oil combined with organic terpenes to provide a clean and tasteful vaping experience. Try one out if you havent already!

🚨 Friday Sales! Rosin is back!🍯

In light of recent events regarding the spread of the Coronavirus, PurLife is taking all necessary precautions to ensure that we provide a safe and healthy environment for all of our visitors. To keep patients and employees safe we ask that everyone please wash their hands and do their part to ensure PurLife remains a safe place for all to … Read More

🚨 Upcoming sales! No more medical cards for non-residents

Stardawg Guava is back at all ABQ locations. Stardawg or “SDG” is a staple flower here at PurLife, one that we and all of our patients really enjoy. Expressing true 50/50 hybrid effects, SDG really does what the body needs. If you’re in pain, she’ll mellow that out and if you’re feeling down she’ll provided you with a happy euphoric … Read More

🚨 Friday Sales! Recreational Bill Tabled. 📰

Wow! That word sums up what we think of this flower. Often we’re prompted with the question, “do you have a heavy Indica?” and if that’s what you seek then we recommend you try this amazing batch of Slurricane 20. The buds smell and taste just like grapes and they’re completely covered in trichomes! Try her out and let us … Read More

PurLife Valentine’s Day Sales!❤

PurLife has got you covered this Valentine’s Day! Look at the images below to see what deals your favorite PurLife location has to offer! Kalvara has been a great addition to the PurLife menu and it’s about to get even better! Originally priced at $15 per 25mg bottle, now they will be only $8 per bottle. That’s almost a 50% … Read More

🚨Friday 1/31/20 Sales! Legalization Bill Passes Senate Committee. 🏦

Platinum Kush Breath has been a patient favorite lately. The appearance sells itself, but the effects are really where this strain brings it home. With THC levels on average about 18%, this flower packs a heavy Indica punch. Upon inhaling your taste buds are met with a range of earth and cheese flavors, leaving you relaxed and stress free. We … Read More

👍 NM Gov. Strongly Pushing for Legalization. New cookies! 🍪

Have you had a chance to try the new Best Cookies by Best Daze? The name certainly speaks for itself, patients say they are their favorite! Currently there are two options available, chocolate cherry and chocolate chip. Each package is 50mg total containing two individual 25mg cookies. Both options express Sativa dominant effects, so if you’re looking for mid-day boost … Read More

🚨 New Cartridges! NM Lawmakers Set to Discuss Cannabis Legalization. 👍

Last week we released the new PurLife distillate cartridges and we’re happy that patients have been loving them! These clean extracts have amazing flavors and are very light with a smooth exhale. The best part about it is, they are only $40 for a high quality distillate cartridge! Come try one out! Next week New Mexico lawmakers will meet to … Read More

🚨Friday Sales! Recent News📩

We’ll be releasing something special very soon… 2019 was full of positive news for the legal recreational market. 2020 may be the year where New Mexico joins in on the fun and many people including our government officials are excited about that potentially coming true. To read more click HERE!