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Boasting sizes of up to 14 grams each (equivalent to a half ounce!), these magnificent buds have been meticulously nurtured, cured, and expertly hand-trimmed before being elegantly packaged in glass mason jars for you to enjoy. Our accomplished Master Grower and dedicated team poured their heart and soul into crafting these extraordinary treasures, brimming with rich terpenes and impressive THC potency. Rest assured, we have handpicked only the most exceptional and substantial Top Colas for this limited-edition offering.


Available in-store only and in extremely limited quantities, we strongly advise checking our website or contacting your local store for current availability, as they are destined to sell out fast. If you miss out this time around, fret not, for we are already hard at work on another fresh batch set to hit the shelves of a PurLife dispensaries again soon.

What is a Top Cola?

Top Colas form at the very top part of the cannabis plant where a cluster of buds grows tightly together. It's the most coveted part of the plant among cannabis enthusiasts and connoisseurs, where the largest and most concentrated buds are found.


When you purchase a BIG KAHUNA Top Cola, you're not just buying cannabis; you're entering a realm of natural beauty. Each Top Cola is a testament to the plant's resilience, complexity, and meticulous care provided by expert cultivators. BIG KAHUNA Top Colas embody the culmination of dedicated craftsmanship and expertise.


Indulging in a Top Cola is an experience to cherish. The concentrated potency offers a potential for profound effects, allowing you to explore the full spectrum of cannabis' therapeutic and recreational benefits. Moreover, the enticing aromas and flavors that emanate from a Top Cola create a sensory journey, enhancing your enjoyment and appreciation of the plant's natural gifts.


Be prepared to embrace the extraordinary as you savor the natural beauty of BIG KAHUNA Top Colas. Their unique structure, adorned with glorious buds, invites you to marvel at the intricate patterns and colors that nature weaves. Delighting in the visual splendor and aromatic allure of a Top Cola is a testament to the magnificence of cannabis as a plant and the wonders it bestows upon those who partake in its bounty.