🚨Friday Sales! Cannabis vs. Opioid Addiction?

Strain HighlightWho loves purple flowers? We do! Buffalato #4 is a prime example of “purp” buds. So colorful and completely covered in trichomes, the combination of the mellow Platinum Buffalo and the infamous Dolato make this flower express strong Indica effects. Upon examining the buds, your smell senses are met with a mixture of butter and kush, almost reminiscent of … Read More

🌽 Pre-Thanksgiving Sales! Have You Tried Kalvara Yet? 🍸

Product HighlightHaven’t tried the Kalvara Cannabis Cocktail yet? Here’s why you need to… Fast acting effects Invigorating effects Easy to use: Twist cap and enjoy Combine with any drink To learn more about the Kalvara products visit their website at http://www.kalvara.com/ Recent NewsIt’s best to always be careful with what you say publicly, especially these days when there’s a “fact-checker” … Read More

🚨 Congress Voted On Federally Legal Cannabis! Friday 11/22 Sales!

Have you tried our in-house concentrates yet?Antidote 1/2g RosinPictured here is our Antidote rosin. Testing at 69% THC this solvent-less extract is a sweet combination between Platinum, Grapesicle, Buffalato and Banana Split. Giving this extract more mellowing effects packaged with a delicious fruit-like flavor. Antidote 1/2g RosinRight off the bat your nose is met with the pungent fruit aroma that … Read More

💥 Upcoming Sales! Veteran Access to Medical Cannabis? 👀

20% off Elevated Toasted Cinnamon BarsThese cinnamon bars are delicious! They’re like smores minus the chocolate center. Made from cinnamon toast crunch and marshmallows, at 100mg per bar they are a perfect balance between crunchy and chewy. Need a boost in the morning? Try out the sativa cinnamon bar to complete your breakfast. Strain HighlightWe all know that some things … Read More

Friday 11/8/2019 Sales!

20% off Elevated Toasted Cinnamon Bars15% off All Elevated Hard CandiesNew Strain!New to PurLife! High CBD strain Critical Cure is perfect for those looking to treat severe chronic pain. The medicinal CBD effects mixed with the heavy Indica dominance from the THC gives this flower deep relaxing qualities mixed with sweet and earthy flavors. (Critical Kush x Unknown Ruderalis Strain) … Read More

Weekly Update: 10/30/2019

Strain HighlightBanana Kush is a tasty Indica with a flavor quite similar to bananas. These sweeet buds provide you a happy euphoria coupled with a mellowing body relaxation. A great choice for relaxation without the overwhelmingly sedative effects Indica strains can sometimes provide. (Ghost OG x Skunk Haze) New Online Order Platform!Have you taken a moment to familiarize yourself with … Read More

Weekly Update: 10/24/2019

New Online Order PlatformRecently we rolled out a new loyalty program and we are now happy to announce the release of our brand new online ordering menu. If you are familiar with the previous order platform, you’ll be pleased with the smooth functionality of the new ordering process. Each location will have their own unique menu with various products to … Read More

Weekly Update: 10/17/2019

Have you seen our new loyalty program?Last week we rolled out our new loyalty program for our awesome patients and we are happy with the positive response from everyone! Have you had a chance to check it out yet? There are many new reward options available now. The best part about it is patients now receive one point per dollar … Read More

Weekly Update: 10/10/2019

New Loyalty Program!We love your loyalty and you love rewards, so we’re very excited to announce that PurLife will be launching a brand new loyalty program. Better rewards and incentives for all of our loyal patients. We can’t wait for you to try it out. Enjoy! Haven’t joined yet? click the link to sign up https://enrollnow.vip/join/2562 Strain HighlightSearching for a … Read More

Weekly Update: 10/03/2019

Pause for the Roz!Purlife is doing it big this weekend (10/3-10/5). With three days of up to 50% off of our top shelf quality Bubble Hash & Rosin, this is your chance to treat yourself to the relaxation and symptom relief that you deserve. Not sure what Bubble Hash or Rosin is or how it’s used? Not a problem, our … Read More