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PurLife Bubble Hash & Rosin!!

Concentration at it’s Finest!

PurLife WPFF (Whole Plant Fresh Frozen) Bubble Hash & Rosin will soon be available at our Truth or Consequences and Las Cruces Locations! We are proud to say these are some of the cleanest and highest quality concentrates in the state! Ask a Patient Care Representative at the PurLife location of your choice for availability.

Learn More!

Want to learn more about WPFF Bubble Hash and Rosin? Check out this link to learn how different concentrates are made, and what sets Solventless Hash Oil (SHO) apart from the rest!  Many of our patients are unfamiliar with using concentrates or “dabbing”. Click here for a great overview of the different components of dabbing!

Extended Hours at Tramway!

Just in case you haven’t heard, PurLife on Tramway is now open 8AM-8PM every single day!! Also, remember that every PurLife location has strains on special 7 days a week! Stay tuned to the flower menu of the PurLife location of your choice for product availability and specific sales information.
(Click below to view flower menus)

PurLife Menaul

PurLife Montgomery

PurLife Tramway

PurLife T-or-C

PurLife Las Cruces

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