🚨Friday 1/31/20 Sales! Legalization Bill Passes Senate Committee. 🏦

Who loves purple buds?

Platinum Kush Breath has been a patient favorite lately. The appearance sells itself, but the effects are really where this strain brings it home. With THC levels on average about 18%, this flower packs a heavy Indica punch. Upon inhaling your taste buds are met with a range of earth and cheese flavors, leaving you relaxed and stress free. We know many people love those high THC percentages, but this strain is definitely worth the try!

Recent News

A Senate committee has passed a bill that would legalize recreational cannabis in New Mexico, but the legislation must still pass in two other panels; The Judiciary and Finance before reaching the Senate floor for a vote. A New Mexico state-wide survey says that “three out of four residents back legalization,” so lets see how this legislation turns out! To read more on this click HERE.

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