🚨 Tuitty Fruity bars are back! Friday 8/26 Sales!

15% Off PurLife Vapes

PurLife vapes on sale this Friday for 15% off! Each premium vape contains 500mg of distillate oil combined with organic terpenes to provide a clean and flavorful vaping experience.

  • Please check with your location for flavor availability

10% Off Elevated Tuitty Fruity Bars

Available Options:

  • 100mg THC Tuitty Fruity Bar

If you haven’t tried the Tuitty Fruity Bar made by Elevated then you’re missing out! These cereal bars contain 100mg of THC and taste just like Fruity Pebbles! You might want to get more than one, they are so delicious that most patients come back for more!  

10% Off Bhang Chocolate Bars

Available Options:

  • Dark 200mg (Indica or Hybrid)

  • Milk 200mg (Indica or Hybrid)

  • ICE 200mg (Indica or Hybrid)

Enjoy some high-quality Bhang Chocolate for 10% off this Friday! Each delicious chocolate bar has 10 segments containing 20mg of THC for a total of 200mg.


PurLife welcomes out-of-state patients!

As of August 5, 2020, all PurLife dispensaries will allow purchases from medical cannabis patients with valid authorization from any participating state, District of Columbia, territory or commonwealth of the United States. New Mexico allows for reciprocal participants to purchase up to 230 units or 8 ounces of cannabis during a 90 day period. 

$40 Cannabis Card Renewals! (Even if Expired)
$80 for New Patients with Medical Records
Canna Care is a medical cannabis evaluation clinic at 9800 Montgomery NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111 (Next to PurLife at Eubank and Montgomery)
Visit our website at www.CannaCareNM.com to schedule an appointment or call 505-219-3944.
Walk-in’s Welcome