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$5 flower specials 10/30-11/2

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Bling Bling (Hybrid)

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Also on sale this Friday…

15% Off Elevated Cannaquil

Available Options:
500mg Hybrid
Spruce up your Halloween treats with a little drizzle of Cannaquil!  Elevated Cannaquil is available in a variety of flavors at PurLife, such as: Apple, Cherry, Raspberry and Strawberry Lemonade! Each bottle contains 500mg of THC infused with organic agave syrup. 
Check with your location for flavor availability!

10% Off Bhang Chocolates

Available Options:
Dark 200mg (Indica & Hybrid)
Milk 200mg (Indica & Hybrid)
Ice 200mg (Indica & Hybrid)
Treat yourself to some medicated chocolates this Halloween weekend! The weather is cold outside, and it’s the perfect time to make some smores. The high-quality Bhang chocolates are 200mg per bar, segmented into ten 20mg pieces. 
Check with your location for flavor availability!

Recent News

CDC Meets With Medical Marijuana Patients To Discuss Cannabis As Alternative Pain Therapy

It’s unclear whether the CDC is taking steps to advance the conversation of using cannabis as alternative pain therapy. However, they have taken the opportunity to speak with several medical patients regarding their experience with cannabis as a chronic pain medication. To learn more about this CLICK HERE.

PurLife Now Welcomes Out-of-State Patients!

For more information on this call your nearest PurLife location.

$40 Cannabis Card Renewals! (Even if Expired)
$80 for New Patients with Medical Records
Canna Care is a medical cannabis evaluation clinic at 9800 Montgomery NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111 (Next to PurLife at Eubank and Montgomery)
Visit our website at www.CannaCareNM.com to schedule an appointment or call 505-219-3944.
Walk-in’s Welcome