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Antidote 1/2g Rosin

Pictured here is our Antidote rosin. Testing at 69% THC this solvent-less extract is a sweet combination between Platinum, Grapesicle, Buffalato and Banana Split. Giving this extract more mellowing effects packaged with a delicious fruit-like flavor.

Antidote 1/2g Rosin

Right off the bat your nose is met with the pungent fruit aroma that Banana Split is widely known for. Testing at 74% the effects are true to the indica dominance of the strain. The darker color is due to the preservation of anthocyanins, which are antioxidants that give fruits and plants the dark purple look.

Strain Highlight

If you enjoy a sweet tasting flower that has soothing body and clear head affects then Banana Split is exactly what you’re looking for. The aroma and flavor is a combination of citrus and pine, satisfying your sense of taste and smell with every inhale. The aroma may reminded you of the refreshing Tang orange drink mix. A cross between the infamous uplifting Tangie and the tasteful Banana Sherbet give this strain it’s fruit-like characteristics. Try this flower in the evening to help wind down from a long day of work.

Recent News

For the first time ever in history of the United States, congress has approved a bill to end federal cannabis prohibition. This is monumental for the cannabis industry! We’re happy to know that a main focus from this bill is resentencing and expungement of records for people previously convicted. To learn more about this vote click HERE.

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