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20% off Elevated Toasted Cinnamon Bars

These cinnamon bars are delicious! They’re like smores minus the chocolate center. Made from cinnamon toast crunch and marshmallows, at 100mg per bar they are a perfect balance between crunchy and chewy. Need a boost in the morning? Try out the sativa cinnamon bar to complete your breakfast.

Strain Highlight

We all know that some things were just made to be put together; like peanut butter and jelly, baseball and cracker jacks, and New Mexico and sunsets. Hell’s Gorilla #8 is another perfect example. A combination of Hell’s Fire and Gorilla Glue, this particular cultivar will astound your taste buds. Hell’s Gorilla #8 has a complex flavor and pungent aroma comprised of sweet and sour skunky notes, with a mild scent of pepper, and overtones of cheese.

Recent News

Veterans cannot be denied access to medical cannabis and that’s a stride in the right direction. However, there are still a few hurdles that need to be cleared in order for veterans to safely and without prejudice use medical cannabis to treat their symptoms. To read more about his click HERE.

$40 Cannabis Card Renewals! (Even if Expired)
$80 for New Patients with Medical Records
Canna Care is a medical cannabis evaluation clinic at 9800 Montgomery NE, Albuquerque, NM 87111 (Next to PurLife at Eubank and Montgomery)
Visit our website at www.CannaCareNM.com to schedule an appointment or call 505-219-3944.
Walk-in’s Welcome